Xzilon: The Steps To A Proper Detailing

Since they’re the preferred choice among consumers looking for a high-quality sealant and protective finish, Xzilon is familiar with the steps necessary for a proper wax and detailing. While it’s an activity more usually associated with car enthusiasts that want to keep old or expensive vehicles looking their best, it’s also an important part of keeping regular cars running smoothly, too. Without a regular wax and finish, a car will accumulate grime and other crud faster, and this can eventually come to impact the paint. Replacing a paint job can be very expensive, so it’s better to keep on top of your car’s health by regularly cleaning and resealing the exterior. Here are some of the basic steps for a proper wax:


While it may seem like washing the car is a self-explanatory step, it’s an important one that features a few elements that can go wrong. The initial wash should be incredibly thorough, removing all dust, pollen, and bird waste, because waxing over grime is a messy business. Make sure to avoid overly forceful movements, as they can scratch the car. Make sure that you pay extra attention to the door handles, and at this point it’s also good to add a protective layer to the rubber trim around the windows, as they don’t get waxed.

Polish And Wax

Most experts would recommend that you polish the car prior to waxing, but it’s not completely necessary. The polishing process will remove any remaining grime and help with the wax, but many experts also recommend that you seek professional assistance, as there are ways it can go wrong. The wax is the primary focus, and should be applied with care. Make sure that the wax goes over the car evenly, and don’t be afraid to put it on thickly, as it will look better in the end. After putting on one layer, buff vigorously to give the wax the traditional shine and finish. True aficionados will put multiple layers of wax on and buff each one, but one good wax should be enough to protect your car from the elements.

Don’t Forget The Interior

Once you have the outside of your car protected and looking great, there’s no reason to neglect the exterior. In addition to a routine clean and vacuuming, experts recommend that you protect the surfaces of your leather and your dashboard much like you would the exterior of a car. This will protect it from cracks and stains better, and most professionals point to Xzilon as the preferred choice for extending the life of an interior.

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