Xzilon—Delivering Ultimate Appearance Protection for Discerning Motorists

XzilonXzilon, Inc. is one company that knows how much people love their cars and how important it is for drivers to protect their automobiles. After all, over the past century automobiles have given us comfort, a ride to work, adventure and even allowed us to express our individuality. With that in mind, cars have proven as a solid staple in the fabric of American culture. However, keeping these valued commodities in pristine condition can prove quite the hassle—especially for car enthusiasts who pack a heavy schedule.

Many modern consumers will take any chance they can to prevent their car from incurring damage. Conducting regular maintenance, keeping the tires full, washing the body regularly and selecting the best insurance are all ways Americans have shown loyalty to their beloved rides. However, some auto owners fail to remember the importance of protecting the aesthetic exterior and interior elements of a car. Not only can damage to a car’s appearance prove unsightly, but it can depreciate the value of the property and even create risk for accident.

Fortunately, Xzilon offers a line of products specifically designed to prevent appearance issues from arising. This company has a long history of keeping an eye out for transportation vehicles, as it was initially borne from the minds of those who created Granitize Products, Inc.—a leading manufacturer of numerous appearance protection products, detail products and service chemicals since 1930.

As a company that has existed in the business for nearly 100 years, Granitize Products and Xzilon witnessed an immense amount of changes in the transportation industry. However, despite all the changes that technology and society have brought on, this company’s products have made a lasting mark. In fact, the appearance performance benefits of these goods are appreciated by consumers for use in not only the automobile industry, but engineers have also crafted them for use in the aviation, granite countertop, swimming pool and eyeglass industries.

Today, consumers can find this company’s products at local auto shops and dealers all throughout the United States. This company has also made an international impact, as it offers other industry specific formulations used in additional regions of the world.

What does this product do?

This company offers an appearance protection product that is unlike other competing formulas found in the industry. In fact, Xzilon is designed to protect a vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces through molecular adhesion—it is not a wax product. This innovative product also provides more complete protection than what leading competitors offer.

What can this product protect against?

Cars are designed expertly by intelligent teams of engineers so that they can travel at incredible speeds, limit the need for mechanical repair and offer safety to the passengers inside of them. While it may seem a little ironic, although automobiles are crafted to provide an immense amount of power and protection, they are often threatened by the smallest appearance damaging factors that are found everywhere in daily life. For example, Xzilon can help provide additional protection against:

  • Interior Stains

While many of us may try to keep liquids and foods out of the car, it can prove quite difficult for those who are always on the go. Whether one is driving around cars packed with family or simply commuting to work, there is always potential that someone is going to stain the interior of the car. Everything from coffee mugs to fast food burgers poses a risk that the precious interior of a car may get stained. Sometimes, a driver is able to invest in expensive cleaning products to get rid of the stain, but will often prove dissatisfied in the results. Therefore, it is smart to guard the interior beforehand with this appearance protection product.

  • Windshield Damage

No matter how much caution drivers take on the road, there is always a risk that a foreign object could fly into the windshield, causing dangerous cracks that are expensive to fix. However, with appearance protection, motorists can have greater confidence that their car will endure less harm from flying debris.

  • Bird Drop Etching

Although cars may become more technologically advanced, birds will continue to do their business anywhere they please—which, unfortunately, is often on the hoods of our cars. If left untreated, these droppings can damage the paint and surface of the car, reducing the overall value of the vehicle.

This innovative molecular adhesion product is also recognized for providing additional coverage against:

  • Hard Water Etching
  • Rips, Punctures and Burns
  • Headlight Clouding and Damage
  • Diminished Gloss
  • Love Bug and Insect Damage
  • Small Dents
  • Alloy Wheel Scuffs

Xzilon Answers Frequently Asked Questions about Product Use

Every driver is most likely interested in adding additional protection to their car, but when it comes to investing in a new product, consumers often want to know more about what they are using. As such, the following offers a few answers to some common questions about this appearance protection product.

Where can one buy this product?

This company’s products are only sold and applied by Authorized Auto Dealerships found throughout the entire United States. Fortunately, each day more businesses are learning about this product and are choosing to integrate it into their services. To find a reliable dealer that can apply this formula it is suggested that interested consumers contact the company directly for more information.

How should one wash a car after the treatment is applied?

This company recommends that all product users engage in regular routine washing at least every two weeks to ensure thorough cleanliness of the vehicle and optimal performance from the product. However, if one is using a car wash, they should make sure that it is “touchless” or “brushless” as it is best to not have anything scratch the protection. Once washed, the car the individual should dry the surface completely with a non-abrasive cotton towel.

Users should take time to vacuum the interior and immediately remove spills and debris as soon as they occur. In addition to regular surface cleaning, auto owners should make sure to seek out general maintenance on the vehicle as necessary.

Can a user wax the car after the product is applied?

After Xzilon is applied to a car, it is acceptable to treat the vehicle with any non-abrasive carnauba wax by hand. However, users do not have to wax their vehicle in order to maintain the Xzilon product warranty.

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